have something important to say?


A profound message that lights you up inside?

You became an entrepreneur because your ideas are too important not to share with the world and you've made it your life's mission to use those ideas to make an impact.


A story that can change people's lives?

You'd never claim to be the next Nelson Mandela but your experiences and your story have weight and the potential to really make a difference in people's lives.


not connecting with your audience?

As an entrepreneur looking to stand out in your industry, learning how to harness your Superpower, communicate your message and connect with your audience is absolutely vital.


feel Invisible and like no one's listening?

In a noisy world, it can feel like there's a disconnect between you and the people who should be listening, no matter how important your message is.


A Personal Brand is the chance to make an impact.


Are you ready to
build your Personal Brand?


The Personal Brand Blog

"Heaps of great advice written in a non-wanky way.  :)
Chad is also one of the most authentic and smart guys you are likely to meet."


The Personal Brand Podcast

A must for entrepreneurs - emile (listener)

"Chad brings an element of fun and connection to the topic of personal branding. His passion, understanding and expertise in this area shines through with brilliant questions making for an entertaining and educational podcast. I highly recommend for entrepreneurs."


"I had vision but lacked knowledge. Chad is always there to help me create strategies and identify opportunities for growth."

Shannyn Lorkin from Revel Knitwear