Make an Impact

Rialba Studio is helping impact-driven female entrepreneurs build their personal brands.

Who are we?

Rialba Studio is an award-winning Personal Brand development agency based in Sydney, Australia and founded by Chad Barnier - The Personal Brand Expert.

"There is truly nothing more validating than helping someone step into their authentic self, discover their super power, and realise their value and worth."

What do we do?

We specialise in creating custom and comprehensive brand development strategies focused around your unique strengths and coaching you with the tools you need from day one.

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2017 Bx Business xCellence Award - Silver Business of the Year.jpg

Silver Business of the Year!

So incredibly honoured and humbled to win "Silver Business of the Year" at the 2017 Bx Business xCellence Awards. A lot of wine was consumed to celebrate :)


Jemimah Ashleigh

The Business Experiment Podcast, Tangs Design

“In the time since knowing Chad Barnier, he has helped me revolutionise my business. We met during a chance encounter at a conference and my life has quite literally not quite been the same since. Chad has been endlessly helpful, honest and supportive of not only me but my business ventures. He helped me define what it is I excel at, he assisted to rebrand my business and shared his expertise with me and helped me grow as an entrepreneur."


Shannyn Lorkin

Revel Knitwear

“Launching my business 18 months ago, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of challenges that were going to be thrown my way. I had vision but lacked knowledge and Chad has always been there to help along every step of the way.

Supportive, kind-hearted and genuinely passionate for my vision, Chad has helped me create strategies and identify opportunities for growth. 

Working collaboratively, we have fine tuned my personal branding and he is always there to help me develop my business. Price doesn’t even come to mind when I work with Chad because I value our connection and couldn’t do without it now. I’m so grateful to have someone on this crazy journey with me and who makes every moment of it fun.”