3 Lessons from Uber's Origin Story

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3 Lessons from Uber's Origin Story

Some of you may have seen this picture floating around social media - it's a screenshot of when Ryan Graves and Travis Kalanick (both of Uber) originally connected on Twitter.

The picture shows that Travis was looking for an Entrepreneurial Product Manager/Business Development Killer for his app (which would become Uber) and the following simple yet effective reply from Ryan, which ultimately landed him the job.


As someone who is a big believer in business networking and building your public profile, it's these kinds of interactions that give me goosebumps.


Let me share with you what I learned from this.


1. You have to be in the room

Opportunities like this are fleeting. A Tweet only has a small window and lifespan. Ryan Graves was on the platform, following the right people and connecting with them actively. When doors are opened, only the people who are present can walk through them.


2. Back yourself, always

Ryan's tweet is DRIPPING with confidence. Not arrogance, confidence. He knew what he was capable of and presented it to the world - no apologies, no maybes, no second-guessing - he was all-in!


3. Follow through

Putting your hand up isn't enough. You have to have the skill, attitude, and the ability to get shit done once your name has been called.


So tell me...

Are you in the room?

Do you back yourself?



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