4 Steps to Better Writing for Small Business


Writing is basically a balancing act. To be a successful business writer, you've got to try and blend together the greatest author in the world and the sharpest salesperson of the company. However, that isn’t exactly a simple task. Your words should resonate like poetry yet read like copy.

There are many ways to be at your most persuasive and most creative. I find it's important to be patient with your honest self, particularly if you are fighting writer’s feeling block. Here are some tips to help you write better copy for your business.

1. Dump Your Thoughts

Distractions will prevent you from reaching your creative goals, so take a cue from expert copywriters and try the morning pages technique. This challenge asks you to fill 3 pages with stream of consciousness writing. It doesn't matter how trivial your thoughts are, your goal is to transfer your brain chatter and worries to paper and just leave them there. Your mind also has to be empty before filling it with creativity.

2. Corral the Keywords

When you are getting ready to write a killer copy for SEO, the keywords are important. However, never render your writing useless or tacky by saturation. Before starting, write down five to ten keywords you are going after for SEO. They have to play a role, but they can't be everything. Keep the list for reference and ensure you are not underusing or overusing them. Be confident in what you want your writing to be sought out for, while keeping the keywords from being too obvious.

3. Colour Inside the Lines

If you have written a great piece and you are ready to publish, never hurry. Take a break away from the computer and return to colour your copy. In each paragraph, there will be several opportunities to improve and make the writing more engaging for the readers. Use a highlighter to mark-up your document in places that need improvement. Insert emotional adjectives, pick stronger verbs, and focus on creating powerful, live language that delivers the message.

4. Make Your Own Blacklist

Be careful of the phrases, words, and sentence structures you rely on constantly. Review your recent posts and keep in mind what you would like to avoid or eliminate when you write. For instance, you might notice that the term "vital" appears ten times in a single post. This doesn't mean you can’t use vital again, just review your blacklist regularly to make the copy fresh.

What are some ways you keep your writing fresh?

And how do you stay motivated to keep writing?

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