5 Unshakeable Truths of Personal Branding

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There is a misconception that Personal Branding is merely the clothes that you wear or the colours on your business card.

Hot tip: Your business card means sweet f all if you can't back it up.

If you are considering starting or levelling up your Personal Brand, here are the five things you need to consider.

5 Unshakeable Truths of Personal Branding


1. There's No Off Switch

Once you start, the world has seen you start. You must be “on” as often as you are awake, sometimes more. Your Personal Brand does not get a day off. You never know who is watching, when they are watching, and why they are watching.

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2. Consistency is Key

The name of the game is consistency. You must never create a question mark in your audience‘s mind about who you are and what you stand for. Your audience must always know what you can do for them and what they can do for you. This is true in good times and bad. Don’t drop the ball because you’re having a bad day, week, or month.


3. Get Intimate

You can’t sell to people if you don’t know who they are. It is of absolute foundational importance that you understand your audience. You need to know them, their wants and desires, their fears and hesitations better than they know them themselves. Pass over this step and you will pass over your brand.


4. Brand and Value Alignment

Surround yourself and your brand with people, products, services, places, language, and organisations that align with your values and heart. Guilty by association is absolutely a thing, as is, great by association.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Don’t sacrifice any of those five positions for someone or something you don’t align with.


5. You're Not Above Anything

The small things are the big things. The way you do the small tasks in your day, how you treat the small interactions with people, the small courtesies, etc. are how people will perceive your larger brand.

Ever had a friend who adored a celebrity and when they finally met them for all of 30 seconds, the celebrity forgot to smile or say hi? How often did your friend speak ill of them ever since? You can go from “fave” to “grave” very quickly. Never ever ever forget that.

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