7 Reasons you MUST build your Personal Brand in 2018 (INFOGRAPHIC)

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For the longest time, I thought Personal Branding was all a bunch of internet wankery.

I thought it was all 6 packs abs and skinny tea detoxes.

It seemed like black magic.

"So you just post photos of yourself online and make money?!"

I decided to lean into the idea and give it a go for myself.

I quickly learned I was wrong about a few things and I was soooo surprised and stoked with the results.

It’s such a practical marketing and positioning tool and it’s far more affordable than most other marketing strategies.

    7 Reasons you MUST build your Personal Brand in 2018


    1. Get high-quality, high-value leads

    I don't have to tell you how freaking annoying it is when the wrong client hits you up for work.

    At first, you're excited because "oh my gosh someone wants to hire me!" But then comes the realisation that you can't help them or they're not actually in the market for what you do. There's a disconnect.

    I've found the best way to solve that problem and bridge that gap, was to build my Personal Brand. When you sing from the rooftop how you can help people, the specific type of person you do it for, and why you're doing in the first place, there's no way someone can be confused about it.

    Another awesome thing about that is it also makes it easier for people to refer you to others!

    When there's no confusion around what you offer and there's already an understanding that you’re the expert, people actually take pride in telling their friends about you. It's like they're recommending their favourite secret weapon.


    2. Be front of mind when people are ready to spend money

    When it comes time for your ideal clients to make a decision on who to hire or work with, they are going to think back to the last person/brand they had an interaction with.

    That is why Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike all spend absurd amounts of money on advertising, they are all fighting to be the brand that you had an interaction with last.

    You're probably not coming up against the advertising budgets of Apple and Coca-Cola but even if you were, you can still cut through the noise and make an impact.

    A focused and frequent message will always have a higher effectiveness than an advertising campaign that only has its huge budget working for it.


    3. Be approachable

    Let's face it, companies are really just faceless entities trying to get you to buy from them. No matter what their achievements are, the reality is that it's hard to build a relationship with a company.

    Jack Delosa, founder and CEO of The Entourage (Australia's largest training institution for entrepreneurs) says "What I do know is that people connect more with people than they do with businesses. People connect more with faces than they do with logos”.

    A Personal Brand is an opportunity for your audience to connect with you (and vice versa) in a way that is more intimate and more aligned than ever before.

    When you can show your audience that you are a real person with real thoughts and opinions, real fears and challenges, you give them the opportunity to empathise and connect with you in a way that is rarely ever seen with businesses.


    4. Charge More for Your Time

    A strong, thoughtful and intentional Personal Brand helps convey your expertise. When you're the expert at something, there is no one else playing on your level.

    This is where you want to be.

    Everybody knows, buyers and sellers, that you get what you pay for. We all know that quality comes at a price.

    When you're at this level, no one is shopping around and comparing your prices with someone else, they’re looking for the best.

    There’s no one else on your level because you’re the expert. Therefore, everyone that comes into contact with you is prequalified to be a high paying client. Be that quality then set the price.


    5. It Makes Sales so FREAKING Easy

    Since deciding to invest time and energy into my Personal Brand, I've noticed something extremely bizarre.

    Sales, my once greatest enemy, became way too easy. People come to you ready to buy rather than ready to be sold to.

    This is an incredible position of power to be in.

    You've already provided and demonstrated value upfront. Your prospective clients already know that you are the right person for the job. There's no convincing, no discounting, no compromising.

    People will want to do business with you rather than you needing them to.


    6. Control the narrative of your brand

    A personal brand, in its simplest form, is an amplified version of your most authentic self. Because of this, your audience and people parallel to them have the opportunity to really get to know you and what you're about.

    When you're the face of your brand and you're connecting with people on a personal and intimate level, frequently putting out content that aligns with your values and your mission and your vision, it's incredibly hard to pull you down.

    The people that care about you will always care and a strong Personal Brand will make it much, much harder for trolls and competitors to sway them.


    7. Build a community of “True Fans"

    In 2008, Kevin Kelly wrote an essay called “1,000 True Fans”. It says that if you want to be a creator (a musician, artist, etc.) that makes a living off your craft, you don't need to have millions of fans, you only need 1,000 TRUE fans.

    These are the people that consume all of your content, go to all of your events, or buy every book you ever write. If you could somehow figure out a way to guarantee 1000 people to be in that enthusiastic about your craft, you can absolutely make a comfortable living off anything decide to do.

    When we bring this back to business and personal branding, your true fans are the people in your online community, the people that read every single blog you write, the people that buy your e-books, or signup to every webinar.

    You should build your personal brand with so much purpose, so much value, and so much integrity that as a byproduct, you develop a community that is so connected with what you have to share that they just can't wait to get the next thing.

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