How to Get New Members to Be Active in Your Facebook Group (Video)


Okay, so you've given Facebook marketing a try, you've built up your page, and are telling friends about what you're doing.

Then everyone on the Internet starts talking about Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups are a great way to build trust and relationships and give value back to your community. They are such a practical way to bring people together. You are meeting them where they already are:


This is the same for B2B and B2C, but I'll save that for another video.

It's easy for your audience to join a Facebook Group.

Sometimes, though, you can be so focused on trying to get new members into our Facebook Group that you have no idea what to do when they join.

Because of this, a lot of groups don't get off the ground. 

A lot of people blame their members for not being active but I challenge that. I say, you're not giving them a reason to be. 

These people have joined your Facebook Group for a reason!

They're interested in what you have to say and have actively sought out a community where you can offer that.

And you haven't delivered on your promise.

This video shows you How to Get New Members to Be Active in Your Facebook Group. It's probably the simplest tactic you'll come across and it takes literally 1 SECOND.

PS. If you're wondering, the song used in the video is Stay by Drawing North (my old band ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป)

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