Your Personal Brand Doesn't Get a Day Off

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Your Personal Brand Doesn't Get a Day Off

It might be challenging to hear for some people. It's hard to be expected to be "on" all the time and "in the zone" all the time but in reality, you just never know when you may encounter someone who can change the entire trajectory of your business.

It could be your Uber driver.

It could be at ALDI, picking up a $2.69 bottle of red.

It could be while waiting for a table at The Grounds *sigh*

You never know who else is "in the room" and what first impression you're giving those people.


Of course, you can't always be expected to be on all the time, but a little bit of attention and intention goes a long way. 10 minutes of extra effort before you leave the house can equal a good first impression that lasts a lifetime.

This doesn't just apply to your outfit and your clothes. It also applies to your attitude, your generosity, and your manners. The way you treat people in your everyday life will reflect on you and your business at all times.


I've seen people who think they're in control of their Personal Brand and how they're viewed by others, but at the same time, they're treating people who they perceive to be lower than them with disrespect.

Ever seen the businessman in a recently dry cleaned suit feeling great about themselves but are being exceptionally rude to the wait staff that are serving them food?

What about the person who is seemingly busier and more important than everyone else, push in line at the bank because their time is apparently worth more than everyone else's?

Hot tip: never be that person.


Always make time to be courteous and to be aware of other people because you never know who is watching and who is having their first impression of you in that moment.

Also, it's just good idea to not be a shitty person.

In reality, most of us aren't walking around in the world being jerks.

Most of the time we are just out in the world being indifferent and forgettable. Just going about our day not making an impression, good or bad.


For example, when we go to the grocery store wearing tracksuit pants, stain down our shirt, scruffy hair - we are still projecting an image of ourselves into the world.

And surprise, if you are at that grocery store, then other people in your area will probably also be at that grocery store. If those people are included in your target audience then you are doing yourself a disservice by not standing out and not projecting your true self in that moment.

Hot tip!

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