Reading Roundup - August 2017


We strongly believe that your output is only as strong as your input. That is why we continually invest our time in reading about trends in the industry.

Here are some of the articles we recommend this month.

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Looks Really Do Count

Us humans are a superficial bunch. We like things that look good and are naturally drawn to things that are easy on the eye. Exhibit A: Ryan Gosling. Visual storytelling is the key to successful branding, but this doesn’t mean we (or our business) need to be the best dressed or look like something we are not. It does mean making sure our image reflects who we truly are.

When you’re trying to emotionally connect with your dreamboat client, you’ll never form a true connection if your brand style isn’t a 100 per cent true representation of you in all your sparkly-underpant glory. Ask yourself – how do you want people to feel when they engage with your brand? What emotions do you want to stir within your dreamboat clients? Does your current brand identity convey these emotions, or is it failing to connect with your dreamboat in some way? Maybe you need to invest in a rebrand, or maybe you can make some small tweaks to speak more directly to the heart?

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    You Win or Lose Based on Customer Delight

    All the pitching and cool tech cannot save this. Sometimes you have to get creative to make people want what you can offer in the early days. (Note: if you have a terrible customer experience but people use your service anyway, that may mean you have picked a good problem to work on.)

    From the article:

    Role play

    It's not just for kids (or your significant other, wink wink). You can do role play anytime with your team, putting yourself in the position of your customer, your problem child, or even the competition. Consider what they would do in certain situations, and how they might approach the problem differently. Shifting your perspective might be all it takes to break out of the brain drain – and you could possibly reveal the majestic hidden dramatic talents of your colleagues.

    From the article:

    Use professional, custom images

    Professional photography is becoming a really clear differentiator for high quality businesses. Professional images of the product in use, or the founders at work can be a clear sign that this is a company that takes itself seriously.

    On the flip side, poor quality images will kill your credibility. So I would generally favour stock photos over poor quality personal images. But if you can make the effort and expense of getting professional images and integrating them tightly into the design, the results can be stunning.

    Boosted Boards is a nice example of nice product shots, images of the product in use and subtle videos that showcase the board. If they can make me want to pay $2,000 for a skateboard they are doing something right!

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