4 Small Business Owners Talk About Outsource Staff

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to be a jack-of-all-trades. Why? Because there are so many functions to running any business and you simply can’t afford to pay staff to fill all the required ‘departments.’ That’s for later down the line (we hope). But there’s always a point in time when you have to ask yourself this: Is it worth shirking just one or two responsibilities to claw back some of your own valuable time? Here, four business owners tells us what responsibilities they’ve outsourced and why.

Chad Barnier – founder of boutique creative hub, Rialba Studio

Outsourcing is something I've been interested in for a few years but I was nervous to hand over some of my tasks to someone offshore. I think that might have been my ego talking!

I began with simply outsourcing my social media as I knew it couldn't go too far wrong and was pleasantly surprised with the experience of working with outsourced staff.

Since successfully outsourcing my social channels, I've outsourced web development, content writing (blogs and eBooks), and email handling.

There's a good chance I'll eventually outsource most of my work!

Peter Kanterelis – founder of technology supplier, Lookup.com.au

Accounts – what a drag! Here we are building PC’s to work with Virtual Reality headsets, or Installing our 100th POS Store, and Accounts want to talk about reconciling the accounts. By outsourcing it, it allows for more time spent on things we do best. I help build businesses and develop new Technology Solutions – I don’t want to spend time chasing payments.

Tiffany Benn – founder of home décor online store, Hart LDN

Accounting! The first thing I did when I set up the business was to get a small business accountant that I felt I could really trust. They aren't cheap but I truly believe you get what you pay for there. They have got my back and are always on the end of the phone or email to give me a hand. I have no worries at all with any of my accounting needs and that takes so much pressure of me allowing me to focus on growing the business. 

Penny Spencer – founder of business travel agency, Spencer Travel

We have contractors looking after some of our IT, web, HR functions, content and communications, social media and the like. Why? It gives us flexibility to turn projects on and off, test ideas, and put people to work as and when we need them without adding to our head count. It works well for us.

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