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The Business Experiment Podcast Tangs Design

“In the time since knowing Chad, he has helped me revolutionise my business. Chad has been endlessly helpful, honest and supportive of not only me but my business ventures. He helped me define what it is I excel at, he assisted to rebrand my business and shared his expertise with me and helped me grow as an entrepreneur."



The 7-Day Startup, WP Curve, Black Hops Brewery

“I was a bit nervous before getting my photos done, I’m a bit self conscious and I was worried they wouldn’t look good. Chad made me feel really comfortable and produced so many epic photos I couldn’t believe it.

A week later I had a press opportunity and was out of town so I couldn’t get photos done. I sent them Chad’s photos and they loved them so much they put the story on the front page and did 3 full pages of photos!”