Hey there, my name is Chad Barnier 🙌🏻

I'm a massive Harry Potter nerd, a lover of musical theatre, and my favourite movie is Jurassic Park.

I'm also a little bit too obsessed with burritos and I just can't get enough of dogs. My inbox is always open if you want to send photos of your pooch!

Now besides all of those things, I'm also known as The Personal Brand Expert, I host The Personal Brand Podcast and I am a Personal Branding Speaker.

If I had one mission in life it would be to help people recognise their true worth and value. We are all born perfect and sometimes it can be hard to see that. You are important and valuable because you are exactly who you are.

I help female entrepreneurs recognise that and we work together to package that exceptional uniqueness into powerful personal brands that can be used to Make an Impact.


my autobiography could be called

“Doing Things You Were Told You Can’t”

Before getting into the world of Personal Branding, I had an entirely different career chasing one of those “unchaseable” dreams.

Like professional athlete, astronaut, wizard, dinosaur, etc.

Ever since I was a kid all I wanted was to be a rock star.

I wanted travel the world, play music, and inspire people.

It’s incredible to think that by the time I was 24, I had achieved that unchaseable dream.


At an age where most people are still figuring out what they want in life, I had achieved my dream. I don’t say this to gloat, or to big-note myself. I say it because I didn’t celebrate that achievement for a long time.

It always felt odd to celebrate my career in music because music never came easy to me.

In fact, it was probably the hardest thing for me to do.

You see...

I grew up mostly deaf.

However, my family and I didn't find out until I was 13 years old when I saw a hearing specialist and was told I needed to wear hearing aids.

Before that, teachers dismissed my learning and communication challenges as "acting out" and "bad manners". One teacher in particular told my mother I needed to see a psychiatrist because of how challenged she thought I was. Man, imagine if you take a moment to try to understand instead of putting me in the "too hard" basket.

When I didn't get into the school band (keep in mind, I grew up in a time where everybody made the school band and were given participation awards in sport), I was pretty upset. I mean all I ever wanted to do was be rockstar. The teacher said I "didn't have a musical bone in my body and music would never have a bearing on my life."

I followed that up with an international music career.

Drawing North.jpg

This lit a fire in me!

You can do whatever your heart says it wants


When I was a teenager, I had emergency retina reattachment surgery under the threat of permanent blindness, which I followed up with a career in photography, visual communications, and branding.

I was severely bullied throughout school because I was different and didn't fit in. Now have a thriving business dedicated to teaching people how to stand out and own who they are.

I'm starting to recognise a theme here.


Want to learn how to turn your "failings" and "limitations" into your superpowers?

Chad Wedding-1-1 bnw.jpg

10 things about me

1. I’m a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan. Really. Quiz me anytime!

2. Burritos are my favourite food - a Zambrero burrito is my desert island food 🌯

3. I found out at 13 that I was mostly deaf and had to wear hearing aids. I desperately wanted to play music and somehow over years, I trained some of my hearing back. That turned into a career in music, travelling the world and playing guitar/piano/singing with my band, Drawing North.

4. I have many tattoos, including: Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, lots of musical theatre references, a unicorn, Hercules, and more

5. I love musicals. Sondheim is a gift to this planet. I need more friends that love musicals, too.

6. I’ve had more Botox than most people I know. It was to stop hyperhidrosis aka excessive sweating.

7. Someone once threw a 10c coin in my eye which caused me to have a detached retina. I was told if I didn’t have surgery the next day, I’d be blind in a week. The coolest thing is you have to be awake for the surgery, so I’ve watched someone cut my eye open with a scalpel.

8. I’m an active, vocal, and proud feminist and ally to women’s rights. I will do whatever I can to stand up for and build up women #thefutureisfemale

9. I desperately love Dogs but who doesn’t, really?! My inbox is always open if you want to send pics of your pooch