PBP001 - Jack Delosa

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The Personal Brand Podcast kicks off with the one and only, Jack Delosa, Founder & CEO of The Entourage 🙌🏻

Jack has built The Entourage to be Australia’s largest training institute for Entrepreneurs with over 120,000 members. 🔥

He also founded The Entourage Growth Fund, which invests in upstart businesses. He’s one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and has been listed in the BRW Young Rich List since 2014.

Jack is the co-founder of The Entourage Beanstalk Factory, an organization that delivers entrepreneurial training within corporations to change the way they think about creating their future.

His two books, Unprofessional and Unwritten, are exceptional reads that dig into business, mindset, and entrepreneurial thinking (add them to your to-read list!)

And most importantly, he has an adorable little cavoodle named Bear 🐶😍

This episode is overflowing with amazing wisdom!

Check it out.


Key Takeaways and Quotes

  • "What I do know is that people connect more with people than they do with businesses. People connect more with faces than they do with logos”
  • “A lot of the stuff we think about and think that matters, probably doesn’t. You should care deeply about your life, and your legacy, and your meaning, and your fingerprint on the planet, but recognise that it's still probably going to be insignificant anyway.”
  • "Entrepreneurship is a skill.”
  • "When people say Entrepreneurs are born, what they mean is that we have a high risk tolerance. We tend to have a fairly good emotional fortitude”
  • "There are no incredibly great born leaders, right? Some of the best leaders, people that we look up to iconically through history were terrible leaders until they learnt how.”
  • “When you have a personal brand and a business brand, they are not the same, but particularly if you as a person are deeply connected to the business, there should be an overlap or a connection, or at least ... Perhaps overlap isn't the best word, but perhaps a synergy.”
  • “To give you an example of a synergistic relationship between a company brand and a personal brand. Jack, if I talk about myself in third person for a second, brand Jack questions, Entourage answers. Jack's the provocateur, Entourage is the education institution.”
  • "To my view, your 'personal brand' should purely and simply be an authentic extension of who you are. And a representation of who you are. And so it should change and evolve as you do.”
  • "What I find is that you need to find where the authentic you and the hearts and minds of your audience overlap. I think part of what you're touching on, in my view, is leadership, it's meet them where they are, take them to where they need to be. So if I'm meeting them where they are, but still doing so through my own authenticity, then that's still me. I'm just purposefully displaying a message that I know is going to connect so that I can lead. So I think a combination of both is great.”
  • "I can tell you unquestionably that [personal branding] improves the bottom line because we track it all, right? And that's the beautiful thing about 2017 is that you can really track where everything comes from. So how we've done the journey of The Entourage, the JD brand has been incredibly important"
  • "I think we live in a day and age where people crave real, right? So people crave personable and vulnerable, and the word authentic gets thrown around a lot, but I think when genuinely understood it can be really powerful."
  • "You don't need to try and be like anybody."
  • "You're at your most powerful to connect with people when you're truly yourself."